Things To Take Into Consideration When Deciding on a Nutritionist In Melbourne

nutritionist-in-melbourneAre you looking for a nutritionist in Melbourne to help you on your journey of proper weight and health? Having additional structure, guidance and support will definitely make it easier to not only see your goals clearly, but also to reach them. When looking for a nutritionist in Melbourne, here are a few things to take into consideration during this process.

A qualified nutritionist is an excellent resource when it comes to a journey for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, they can assist with food and beverage choices, proper nutritional supplements as well as behavior modification. That being said, there are different backgrounds and areas of expertise available in this area. Before you decide what nutritional professional would best help you on your journey, it is important to do your homework.

Knowing the Difference

There are three main groups in the area of nutrition professionals, they are as follows:

Nutritionist — There is no formal nutrition education or skills that are required to be a nutritionist, it is a title that is self awarded. Although a nutritionist has no certifiable education or training, many do have backgrounds in and knowledge of the subject through various ways such as nutrition education training courses, study guides or books.

Certified Clinical Nutritionist(CCN) — To become a certified CNN, the person in question must have a professional degree in licensed health care field that is related, fifteen online coursed of core nutrition coursework must be completed and the must pass the exam of Certified Clinical Nutrition.

On order to remain certified, every two years a CCN must complete forty hours of continuing education in the field, the must also attend two annual Scientific Symposiums in the field of CCN, an annual maintenance fee must be paid and every fifth year, with annual study textbooks and an open book exam, they must recertify.

Registered Dietitian (RD) — To become a certified RD, the individual in question must complete the following:
Obtain a bachelor’s degree in the field of dietetics, if they already have another health related bachelor’s degree, they can obtain a master’s degree.
Complete all classes of the Didactic Program in Dietetics
Be received into a Dietetic Internship that is CADE-accredited as well as complete at least nine hundred hours of practice while under supervision.
Apply with the SDR for registration eligibility.
Take the CDR approved Registered Dietitian Exam and of course pass it.
In most areas it is also required that the apply for and obtain their license.
For an RD to maintain certification they must complete continuing education as well as, every five years apply for recertification.

dietIf you are interested in creating a healthy nutrition plan with the help of a professional, all of these options should be taken into consideration so you choose what works best for you. There are of course many other factors that could play in such as cost, schedules etc. but most of these things are basic and easy to work out. That being said, decide what goals you are trying to meet and choose a nutritionist in Melbourne who can help you best meet them.

10 Healthy Living Habits That Really Work

Your health is ultimately everything, but you probably take it for granted, unless it’s somehow been threatened. That’s how most people live their entire lives. Unfortunately, though, when you don’t make healthy living a priority, sooner or later, it breaks down.

The following healthy living habits will work to protect you and keep you stronger:

1. Cut Down On Chemicals

Processed foods clog arteries, contribute to obesity and diabetes, among many other detriments. Things like high-fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives and coloring shouldn’t be staples in your diet.

healthy-living2. Avoid Unnatural Sources Of Sugar

The sugar industry has done a lot to convince people that sugar isn’t a serious health threat, but medical science has proven otherwise. Get your sugar from fruits, rather than gooey prepackaged desserts loaded with more sugar than your body needs in a week.

3. Shop With Health In Mind

Make a list of what you need and stick with it at the store. Don’t succumb to the temptations of advertisements, sales or even your own sweet tooth. Stick to the nutritional basics and nothing more.

4. Plan Your Meals Out

If you plan for healthy meals, you’re far more likely to actually eat them. When you don’t have a plan, however, you’re likely to reach for anything quick, easy and most probably, unhealthy.

5. Choose Beneficial Snacks Between Meals

Your body can do a lot with nuts, fruits and veggie sticks, not so much with a doughnut. While snacks help keep you going, they should be well thought out and offer some benefit to your body.

6. Never Stay Still For Too Long

Being idle can be as detrimental to your health as other bad habits, only you may not view it as threatening. Most especially if you sit all day at your job, it’s very important to get up and stretch, at least every hour. At home, avoid sitting on the sofa for hours or playing games endlessly.

7. Walk Every Day

Walking can prevent or help manage diabetes, but it can also keep your weight down as well. Walking is a great stress reliever, as well as a way to say hello to people in your neighborhood you might not otherwise have the chance to see. Take a walk after dinner with someone in your family or power walk on your lunch hour.

healthy-living8. Get Quality Sleep

Sleep is more important to health than most people realize, and not just because you feel sluggish if you don’t get enough of it. Sleep helps your body to regenerate on the cellular level; thus, it’s vital to every system and organ – more so if you have any issues threatening your health already.

9. Manage The Stress Thrown At You

Try yoga or meditation on a regular basis, to keep stress from impacting your health. Everyone faces stress, but those who manage it better suffer with fewer health complications, such as high blood pressure and immune problems.

10. Enjoy The Company Of Good Friends

People who are more sociable tend to be healthier and live longer. Make sure you hang out with people who are good for you and avoid those that tend to be toxic or bring you down. A few good friends are far more valuable than a bunch of shallow ones and if you take the time to enjoy the company of those you are closest to, your health will benefit in many ways.

Don’t wait for a doctor to tell you to take your health more seriously, because by then, you could have compromised your body in irreparable ways. Make healthy living your top priority for feeling stronger, having more energy and being around for a lot longer.

How To Lose Weight Fast: 10 Important Tips To Follow

When you want to lose weight, many things may be working against you. Learn how to lose weight faster by controlling the forces that be in your life, first. Here are 10 tips to help:

1. Put Down Your Fork

Pausing between bites will help you realize when you’re full, as opposed to shoveling food in one rapid bite after another. Even if you start a meal feeling hungry, you’re likely to be full much sooner than you feel it and putting the fork down will help you realize this. Also, to lose more weight faster, leave a few bites on your plate at every meal.

drink water2. Pick Up A Glass Of Water

Especially between meals, water is a great way to feel satisfied and full, without adding any calories to your day. Water has numerous other health benefits, too, making it an essential element of any plan to lose weight fast. If you don’t snack between meals, you’re going to feel pretty hungry before your next meal, so pick up the water again right before you eat, to avoid binging and over doing it.

3. Count Your Calories

Most people underestimate the number of calories they consume and even those actually counting tend to lean toward numbers that are too low. Keep a record of the calories you consume all day long and accurately measure meals, so you can calculate calories with greater precision.

4. Document Your Diet

It’s a well-established fact that those who keep a food journal are more successful in losing weight than those who don’t. Write everything you eat down in a notebook and you’re going to have the opportunity to cross-examine your habits like never before – and thus, be able to change them. Write about exercise, too, and how it helps you move forward to your goals. Use this notebook for planning and to keep you motivated.

5. Recognize Emotional Eating

Unfortunately, many people are driven to food over reasons that have nothing to do with hunger or nutrition. They eat because they’re upset, depressed, stressed or experiencing some other heavy emotion and have learned to deal through eating. If that’s you, take a good look at what drives you to food; if you’re eating to appease emotions, you’re not going to be able to lose weight fast, if ever.

6. Keep Health Your Priority

Learning how to lose weight fast takes a strong commitment to health, because you’re going to be tempted to take a few commitments that are less than ideal for your body. Skipping meals, popping diet pills and other methods of depriving yourself nutritionally will always come back to haunt you. You’ll lose weight now, but gain it all back quickly or could compromise your health in serious ways.

exercise7. Find Exercise You Will Do

Exercise helps you lose more weight much faster, but if you don’t engage in exercises you actually like, you’re likely to give up before long. For example, if you hate going to the gym, but sign up for one anyway, within a few weeks, you’ll feel discouraged and look for excuses not to go, whereas, if you invested in some running shoes to jog because that’s something you don’t mind doing, you’d be successful at that. Think hard about your exercise program and make sure you’re actually willing to commit to it.

8. Aim For Homeostasis Every Day

Being in balance will help you lose weight faster and on a more consistent basis. Learn how to manage stress through meditation and avoid too much caffeine or alcohol when you’re trying to lose weight, as they can disrupt your hormonal and metabolic systems, resulting in weight loss sabotage.

9. Avoid Friends Who Make You Fat

It’s sad, but true: Some people you hang out with have bad habits that rub off on you. When that’s the case, it’s important that you avoid them while you’re trying to lose weight, otherwise, you may never reach your goals. Once they see the new you, they’ll understand completely and probably want to do the same things you did to lose the weight.

10. Talk To Your Doctor About How To Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight is hard under “normal” circumstances; however, if you’re battling with any other issues, like hormonal imbalances, depression or unregulated glucose, you’re in for an even more difficult journey. Ask your doctor for help with these issues first, so you can set yourself up for success.

Weight loss is hard, but a lot of what we do makes it harder. Get control of things going on around you and within you and you should be much more successful.

Benefits Of A Healthy Lifestyle

healthy-lifestyleWhen you are living life to the fullest you need to realize their are several choices you are going to make. One of those is if you are going to lead the junk food life style or if you are going to lead a healthy lifestyle. By knowing about the benefits of leading the healthy one, though, it will be easy for you to determine what kind of life style you will want to live and know it is going to help you out in the long run. Without this, you could have some problems later in life because of the choices you made while you were younger.

The food choices you are going to get are generally going to be better and often will fulfill the needs that your body has. For example, if you are foods are nothing but junk food, their is a good chance your body is going to tire of these foods. However, with the healthy foods you tend to have the ability to put a unique twist on the food and this is going to make it easier for you to get the foods taste profile to your taste buds level and know your food will not be out of place.

Exercise is something that you tend to do quite a bit when you are leading a healthy life style. When you are exercising you are going to make your body look better and more attractive to what you want it to look. So this is going to be something else that you will want to consider. Not only that when you are exercising it has a tendency to balance out your hormone levels in your body and this is going to make it easier for you to feel good and avoid illness.

healthAvoidance of illness is something else that people will discover when they are leading this type of a life style. This is going to happen because people are getting the properly balance of the hormones, vitamin levels, and all the other nutrients they need to have for the body. All of these when combined in the proper levels is going to make it easier for people to get the right help to fight off illnesses when they are being attacked by them. Without this, people may have some problems in getting to fight off the illness they have encountered.

When people are looking at the choices in life style they can make, they will find it can be very difficult to select the right life style at times. This is when people should know about the benefits of leading a healthy life style. By knowing about these benefits it will be easy for people to get the proper help for fighting off illnesses, the right motivation to exercise, but also start to get the right help in getting the life they want. All of this is coming because they made the choice to lead a healthy lifestyle.